Barbarians of Lemuria System RPGs

Barbarians of Lemuria is a roleplaying game by Simon Washbourne of Beyond Belief Games. First released in 2004 in pdf format only, it is now also available in Softcover from Cubicle 7 Entertainment (a full version history can be found at RPG.Net).

A popular "rules lite" system it has now been used in a number of third party games and translated into 3 other languages.

Game Mechanics

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Released Games

Pre Order Games

Games In Development

Barbarians of Lemuria
Barbarians of the Aftermath
Dicey Tales
Dogs of W*A*R
Legends of Steel
Honor + Intrigue Barbarians of Heavy Metal
Barbarians of Hellas
Barbarians of the Forgotten Suns
Cavaliers of Mars
Guns of Laredo
League of Heroes
Under the Moons of Zoon
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