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Strange Stones has a Barbarians of Lemuria category, and host the following downloads:

  • Game Aids
    • BoL Legendary Edition GM Screen
    • BoL Classic Edition GM Screen
  • Adventures
    • The Unholy Greyl – There’s money to be made in the Greyl forests. Or, you know, you could die.
    • The Sea Devil's Debutante – Mingle with decadent nobles who are burdened by dark secrets (and lots of gold!)
    • Children of the Void – Hmm. What is up with that abandoned lighthouse whose light keeps on shining anyway?
    • Crimson Shoals – What’s that Stygian galley doing here?
    • The Homecoming Of Count Inchiostro

The Barbarians of Lemuria Yahoo Group has an abundance of information and files.

Isis – A Barbarians of Lemuria Setting - A Slightly alien setting for the Barbarians of Lemuria RPG


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